Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd’s sister R Kyle reveals she’s 19 weeks pregnant and shows off bare baby bump

Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd’s sister R KyleLynn revealed that she was about 19 weeks pregnant and showed off her bare baby bump.

R Kyle, 31, posted a black and white video in an Instagram story.

Instagram/R. K. Floyd, R Kyle

R Kyle showed off her baby bump on Instagram[/caption]

Instagram/R. K. Floyd, R Kyle

R Kyle teased her bump as the size of a ‘mango’[/caption]

Cheyenne’s older sibling danced in the short vid as she showed off her baby bump. 

The colorful GIF stated: “Baby Size Mango.”

The Teen Mom star rubbed her hands all over baby bump before turning off the camera. 

Instagram/R. K. Floyd, R Kyle

The video marked 19 weeks of R Kyle’s pregnancy[/caption]


Cheyenne and Floyd pictured together[/caption]

Last month, R KyleLynn revealed she was pregnant with her second child. 

In her emotional Mother’s Day post, the reality star dedicated her note to her two-year-old son, Baaz, and announced she was expecting a baby boy in the fall. 


R Kyle dedicated her post her Baaz[/caption]

The TV personality had not disclosed who the father is of her two sons.

The mom-to-be again wrote in her lengthy post: “Happy Mother’s Day to Me! I love me and will continue to do things that feed my spirit and soul so I can be the sound, supportive and loving mother, friend, person I need to be for myself & my little ones.

“Thank you Baaz Arinze for choosing me to be your Mommy. You make me so proud kiddo and you’re only 2!


R KyleLynn’s second child is expected in November[/caption]

“Your personal development is astonishing and I will forever do my best to support you, protect you and provide the unconditional love you deserve. You are inquisitive, communicate your thoughts and how you feel, always looking to help + get involved, and potty trained!

“I wish you would eat your veggies and fruit // as we started life off so great in that department…but we will get there again. I love you Baaz! You are my sonshine for life.

“Come November 2021, you’ll be a big brother to your little brother and I so look forward to our new adventure together. Mommy loves you! Thank you for elevating my purpose!” 

Cheyenne and Ryder K

Cheyenne and Zach pictured side by side[/caption]

Cheyenne, 28, welcomed her first child, Ace Terrel, with her fiancée Zach Davis back in May.

Recently, the Teen Mom OG star explained why she had yet shared an image of her newborn’s face.

During a Q&A on Instagram, one of her fans asked “when are you showing us Ace?”.

Cheyenne replied: “Ace is beyond perfect & we wanted to keep him to ourselves for a little bit… we will share him when we are ready.”

Now that things have settled down, Cheyenne and her fiance Zach teased the two would add more content to their “craz[y] family YouTube.”

Cheyenne shares her 4-year-old daughter Ryder with her ex Cory Wharton, 30.


Cheyenne pictured with Baaz and Ryder[/caption]

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