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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans reveals her kids have scribbled over the walls as family chows down on pancakes, bacon & gravy

TEEN Mom star Jenelle Evans has revealed how her children have scribbled all over the walls of their family home.

The mother-of-three showed off the “artwork” in the background as she filmed two of her kids chowing down on pancakes, bacon and gravy.


Jenelle showed her children enjoying breakfast with the “art” in the background[/caption]


The family tucked into pancakes, bacon and gravy[/caption]

Jenelle, 29, panned the camera round the kitchen as she and Kaiser, seven, and Ensley, four, tucked into their breakfast.

“You see that lovely artwork behind Kaiser?” she wrote, hinting towards the crayon scribbles over the wall behind her younger son.

Kaiser seemed unfazed by the damage he and his siblings had inflicted on the house as he danced to music playing in the background.

Earlier this year, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed how their family home had been covered in paint, crayon marks and mud by the children.

She and her husband David Eason, 33, went round the house videoing pen and paint marks and small doodles, including on furniture and doors.

The three children, Jace, 11, Kaiser and Ensley, had even ruined their own beds by scribbling all over them in pen.

Former reality TV star David also showed off windowsills, door frames and skirting boards that had been defaced with doodles.

Fans quickly headed to the comments to slam the couple for being “bad parents,” for allowing the children to be unsupervised and draw on the walls.

“Tell them not to draw on the walls and learn to parent,” one woman wrote, to which Jenelle, 29, responded: “We parent just fine.”

Another hit out: “This is from unsupervised children,” to which the ex MTV star replied: “Sorry I don’t stare at my children in their bedrooms 24/7.”

“Here’s an idea, try actually watching your kids,” a third chimed in, while a fourth agreed: “This is so very sad. Save these children.”


Others immediately flooded Reddit to share their concern over the “gallery,” slamming David and Jenelle for “neglecting” their kids.

“They’re too big to do that. Those kids are being neglected hard core,” one user kickstarted the debate, which was joined by hundreds of people.

A second added: “This just shows that the kids are being largely ignored. And he will probably scream at them (or worse) for this.”

“I can’t stop thinking about this video. His voice is absolutely terrifying. This is truly awful,” another said of David’s sarcastic tone.

“The tone of this narration is haunting to me. Like someone is going to be severely punished, and it’s not who should be watching the children,” wrote a fourth person.


It comes after fans expressed their concern for Jenelle and David’s children after they spotted her drinking Corona at her desk at 11am.

Fans first spotted drinks appearing in the background when Jenelle was seen sipping on a Corona Lite in an Instagram Live during the day.

Earlier this year, a Reddit user pointed out Jenelle had been drinking a Corona from a can while working on her podcast in the morning.

One person wrote under a screenshot of the alleged drink: “If I was unemployed I’d probably be having Coronas at 11am too.”

A second chimed in: “That is so cringe for her. I wonder how many she drinks in a day… So many questions. Does she black out by 11pm?”

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

The Teen Mom star was previously shamed over the state of her home[/caption]

TikTok/David Eason

David and Jenelle previously showed the kids’ doodles all over the walls[/caption]

TikTok/David Eason

Fans were horrified by the state of the home due to the scribbles[/caption]

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