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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans twerks in tiny shorts and responds to trolls who told her to ‘get a real job’

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans once again slammed her haters through dance after she was told to “get a real job.”

The former reality star, 29, danced in tiny shorts, baseball cap and tank top in her kitchen to Destiny’s Child’s famous track, Bills, Bills, Bills.

Ex Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans used the power of dance to slam trolls who told her to ‘get a real job’
TikTok/Jenelle Evans

She danced and twerk while wearing tiny shorts and a tank top[/caption]

She twerked and gyrated in the TikTok which read, “when people tell me to get a real job.”

“You don’t pay my bills,” she captioned the post.

Some of her fans loved it and encouraged her to keep working as an “influencer” where she promotes different products on her social media.

“Tell em boo,” wrote one fan.

Another added: “Why does it matter what people do for money so long as it’s not illegal?”

When one person asked “if you did have to get a job what do you think it would be,” Jenelle replied, “something in the medial field.”


The ex MTV star turned to social media influencing after her husband David Eason was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2018 after he posted tweets many fans found offensive and hateful toward the LGBTQ community.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Jenelle defended her husband’s controversial behavior.

But the ex Teen Mom 2 surprised some of her fans with the dance moves after previously saying she was playing the “waiting game” before she could become “paralyzed” from her spinal cord disorder.


Earlier this month Jenelle posted a series of TikToks from others who also suffer from syringomyelia, which is a disorder that causes a fluid-filled cyst to develop within the spinal cord, and talked about the inevitability of becoming paralyzed.

In one video, she nodded in agreement as one TikTok user, @syringo_ nichole described the symptoms of living with the rare spinal disorder.

Jenelle looked resigned as Nichole described dealing with muscular atrophy and the pressure on her heart and lungs, before revealing she had been rushed to the ER just 10 minutes after making the video.

In another TikTok, Jenelle watched sadly as one user used a voiceover to answer the question, “Isn’t it scary to know you’re going be paralyzed?”

Jenelle captioned the video: “It’s a waiting game now.”

The mother of three had previously described feeling “in shock” and “scared” after doctors found a fluid-filled cyst in her spine.

Jenelle also responded to fans telling them she had another MRI scheduled for the later this year to get an update on her condition.

Syringomyelia is the development of a cyst (called a syrinx) within the spinal cord, which causes pain and weakness and in some cases can lead to paralysis.

The symptoms include headaches, pain in the neck, arms and back, loss of reflexes and muscle weakness.


Jenelle broke the news to fans on her Instagram Stories, saying she was “in shock.”

The TV star elaborated on her condition in a YouTube vlog called “My Neck, My Back.”

She said she’s been battling daily headaches and dealing with her neck “cracking 10 times a day.”

The Teen Mom 2 alum has been having tests done for the past five months and not getting any answers, which she described as “really frustrating.”

Previously, Jenelle – who is married to David Eason – had an MRI, which revealed the cyst in her spine.


She said of her daily health struggles: “I have neck pain every day and headaches every day and my neck cracks every day.

“I do what I can. By this time, at 5 o’clock, I usually have to tap out because my neck hurts so bad. I try to get up and be happy and act like I don’t have this problem.

“I have head shaking too, it’s kind of embarrassing, it feels like a tremor. My hands are not that steady and my fingertips are numb most of the time.”

“It’s kind of scary. I feel like slowly I’m losing my ability in my hands and I really need that. I really need my hands,” she added.

Jenelle – who is mom to Jace, 11, Kaiser, six, and Ensley, four – went on: “It really sucks. It had to be the worst thing ever when I got my results.

“It’s just, like, your life is off course. I have my kids here and my work is online. A lot of things are going through my mind right now.”

TikTok/Jenelle Evans

She twerked in her kitchen and told the haters ‘you don’t pay my bills’[/caption]

TikTok/Jenelle Evans

Jenelle recently revealed she may become paralyzed after being diagnoses with a rare spine condition[/caption]

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

Jenelle and her husband David Eason were both fired by MTV from Teen Mom 2[/caption]

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