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Texas teacher sentenced to 10 years in prison after stalking teen girl

A Texas teacher allegedly WAS so obsessed with a teenage girl, he sent her parents messages demanding she make suggestive TikTok videos, authorities said.

Ricky Lynn Badley, 45, admitted to stalking the 16-year-old, whom he started texting in 2019, calling her his “little girl” and “new favorite.”

Badley, of Fort Worth, was sentenced to a decade in prison for his creepy pursuit of the girl, as well as possession of child pornography, according to a report.

The teacher at Timber Creek High School also sent anonymous letters to the girl’s family and classmates “detailing fabricated sexual encounters” between the girl and her boyfriend, according to court records cited by the Dallas Morning News.

Badley also demanded the TikTok videos and threatened to release more damaging information about her if she didn’t. Postal inspectors intercepted letters he sent containing a vulgar poem based on the girl’s name, the newspaper reported.

Badley resigned in January 2020 after school officials became aware of the allegations, but he continued his obsession with the victim, court documents say. He was seen driving past the teenage girl’s family home and parking near her athletic practice.

While authorities were investigating Badley, they found child pornography on his computer, including images of a toddler.

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