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The Chase viewers left in hysterics as contestant makes outrageous Facebook claim

THE Chase viewers were left in hysterics after a contestant made an outrageous claim about Facebook.

Host of the ITV show Bradley Walsh asked the remaining two contestants what year the social networking site graced the internet – and their guess couldn’t have been more wrong.


The Chase fans were left in hysterics over contestant Lynn’s claim about Facebook[/caption]

In the last 10 minutes of this evening’s episode, Bradley asked the pair: “In what decade was Facebook launched?”

Arthur let his teammate Lynn answer and she confidently replied: “The eighties.”

A serious Bradley corrected her the right answer and said: “Two thousands.”

The contestant looked in shock as she realised just how wrong she got it.


Host Bradley Walsh corrected Lynn’s guess[/caption]


Lynn pulled a funny face when she got the answer wrong[/caption]

The social networking site, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, was released to the public for use a whopping seventeen years ago on February 4 2004.

And many fans flocked to Twitter to share their amusement the contestants wild guess.

One wrote: “#thechase Facebook launched in the 1980s !!!! Wtf lol.”

A second said: “Lady on the chase just said Facebook was created in the 80s #TheChase.”

A third joked: “I know Facebook is old but it’s not that old #TheChase.”

A fourth added: “I can remember Facebook back in the 80s when it was printed on glossy paper… #TheChase.”

Watch the next episode of The Chase on ITV tomorrow evening at 5pm.


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