The fan that keeps your 'room cool all night' is currently 20% off

If you’re someone who’s finding it hard to sleep at night with the sharp increase in temperature but you can’t stand noisy fans, this one is for you. The ability to choose between five levels of quiet control allows you to adjust the fan power output throughout the day, so you can have it louder and more powerful during the day and then whisper quiet as you drift off to sleep at night.

One reviewer who struggles to get to sleep when their surroundings are too loud said: “I was looking for a very quiet fan as I’m a light sleeper and a regular fan is too loud to get any sleep at night. After doing some research online I found this Honeywell tower fan.

“The lowest setting is perfect! Of course it’s not very powerful on the lowest setting, but it’s strong enough to cool me down on a hot night”.

For eco-conscious shoppers who don’t want to leave a fan running all night, the timer function allows you to programme the fan for one, two, four, or eight hours of cooling, after which it will automatically shut off.

The fan oscillates 80 degrees, so you can set it up anywhere in the room and it will be able to provide wide area cooling. The quiet set easy touch controls are easy to navigate, and you can set the timer and power level with a couple of simple clicks of a button.

For those looking for something to keep their bedrooms cool in summer, many of the reviews said this fan was up to the task – even on those super hot nights. One happy customer said: “We’ve been using this for a month now and it does what we want: keeps us cool in bed in the hot weather. It’s tall enough to provide a breeze over the height of a bed with a small footboard.

“It’s also more than capable of cooling a room during the day. On the sleep setting, it’s whisper-quiet, and even on full blast, it’s not that loud. We’ve certainly slept through it”.

Another reviewer added: “This is a perfect fan for bedrooms. Very quiet, takes up no floor space, remote-controlled, with an up to eight hour preset resulting in a cool room all night long.”

Many of the reviews also mentioned the fan being a strong competitor for some of the more expensive options on the market, and that they were glad they went with this Honeywell device. One user even went so far as to say: “This is the best fan I have ever owned and in fact, I have two.”

Fans famously sell out in summer when everyone is struggling with the heat, so the real savvy shoppers ensure they snap one up before the heat starts to get unbearable. If you’re on the market right now, you’re in luck. The Honeywell HYF260E QuietSet Tower Fan is currently 20 percent off, going from £85.99 to £68.50 – saving you £17.49.

You can buy the energy-efficient, soothingly quiet fan on Amazon here.

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