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The Gallagher feud spills over into their energy bills with Noel paying FOUR times more than Liam at his £8m home

NOEL Gallagher is more power-hungry than brother Liam — when it comes to their energy bills.

Despite writing songs such as She’s Electric and Gas Panic!, Oasis guitarist Noel, 54, is paying four times as much as his 48-year-old sibling.

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The decade long feud of the Oasis brothers is now spilling over into their energy bills, with Noel, 54, forking out £20,000 a year at his £8million Hampshire mansion[/caption]


Noel spends four times as much as his 48-year-old brother Liam, who pays £4,900 for his £4million North London pad[/caption]

Noel coughs up an estimated £20,000 a year in gas and electricity at his £8million mansion in Hampshire, according to Uswitch.

Meanwhile, his younger brother pays £4,900 for his £4million North London pad.

The feuding pair came fourth and tenth in the top ten of the biggest celebrity energy spenders.

Uswitch came up with the figures by looking at the square footage of celebs’ homes and their known power-hungry accessories.

Sir Elton John, 74, forks out the most, paying an estimated £49,139 a year.

His £6million mansion in Windsor, Berks, is 33 times the size of the average UK home and boasts swanky energy-draining extras including an enormous swimming pool and home cinema room.

Robbie Williams, 47, is in second place with his £17.5million Holland Park, West London, pad, costing more than an estimated £33,000 to power annually.

Ed Sheeran, 30, and his Suffolk estate came third, with a yearly £21,418 bill.

Uswitch said: “Some pop stars are paying so much for their energy bills you’d have thought they made their fortunes singing power ballads.”

The pair are fourth and tenth in the top ten of the biggest celebrity energy spenders

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