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The Last Kingdom season 5: Will season 5 show flashbacks of Uhtred growing up?

The books go into Uhtred’s history in a lot more detail, and viewers took to the internet to ask whether the same will be said for the series.

One said on Reddit: “Okay so I’ve finished the show for the 2nd time and it was of course great except for some parts of that one season we all know about.

“In the show however I wish they showed us more of Uhtred growing up as a Dane, like some flashbacks of something.

“Now I’m waiting for my books to arrive because I just need to witness badass Uhtred as a young boy learning to be a Dane, but please can somebody just give me some details on his young life after being taken by Ragnar the Fearless.” (Sic).

Earl Ragnar (Peter Gantzler) agreed to take Uhtred under his wing, having been impressed by the boy’s bravery.

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