The secret signs that Carrie Symonds was expecting from ‘maternal role’ to her tummy ‘barrier rituals’ from expert

CARRIE Symonds today confirmed that she and husband, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, are expecting their second child.

In a sweet Instagram post, the expectant mum, 33, revealed she will welcome a brother or sister into the world this December for little Wilfred – who turned one at the end of April.

Carrie revealed her pregnancy with an adorable snap of a blue pram
Carrie announced her pregnancy with a touching Instagram post

But there were some hidden clues that Carrie was pregnant even before the couple made their announcement, you just had to look at her body language.

Expert Judi James told Fabulous, that Carrie had a few give aways at the G7 summit she attended earlier in the year – but did YOU spot any of them?

Her barrier rituals

No 10 Downing Street / BEEM

Body language expert Judi James explained that in early pregnancy women often hold their hands over their stomach[/caption]

Judi said: “Early days of pregnancy often prompt a consciousness of the waist and belly area, which in turn leads to barrier rituals, where the hands are held up in a clasp to cover that region.

“Carrie was seen using this self-protective or masking ritual frequently at the G7.”

Protective, tucking back gestures

Boris held Carrie’s hand in this protective gesture

Judi explained: “The guy will often give away more body language clues than the mother to be and Boris can be seen holding Carrie’s hand here but also tucking it back behind his torso in what looks like a protective ritual.

Her coy smiles as she looked at Boris’s face

Judi explained that Carrie’s smile may indicate that she and the Prime Minister are sharing a secret

Judi said: “The moments of intense face-watching suggests they are sharing a secret.”

Her emphatic maternal role

Carrie showed off her maternal side by sticking close to little Wilfred
Simon Dawson / No10 Downing Street

Judi explained: “Carrie co-hosted with Boris but she brought little Wilfred along and made him the centre of attention, to be cooed over by world leaders.

“Jill Biden was even seen carrying him on the beach. Carrie could have used the spotlight to establish herself as a political partner but instead she chose the role of besotted mum, suggesting where her thoughts and focus were at this time.”

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