The View host slams Caitlyn Jenner for hiring ex-Trump staffers in gov run despite claiming she’s a ‘political outsider’

CAITLYN Jenner was slammed by The View hosts on Thursday for claiming she is running for California governor as a “political outsider” while hiring ex-staffers of Donald Trump. 

Jenner has insisted that she can do a better job in the role as an outsider while blasting the state over immigration issues and high taxes. 


Caitlyn Jenner was slammed on The View on Thursday[/caption]


Sunny Hostin pushed Jenner on her experience[/caption]

The former Olympian has hit back at critics who say she lacks the experience for the role by repeating that she has hired a team of political insiders to run her campaign. 

She received backlash after announcing her run in May, however, after it was revealed that former president Trump’s ex-campaign manager  Brad Parscale was among the team she’s built. 

Parscale lost his job on the 2020 Trump reelection campaign in July but stayed on as an advisor. 

He left the campaign completely, however, in October after he was arrested for a domestic altercation with his wife. 



Jenner has also been criticized for receiving help on her campaign from top Trump aide Caroline Wren, who was involved in the organization of the rally that preceded the Capitol riot on January 6. 

“You’re saying you’re an outsider and I understand that but you’re also someone who doesn’t have any political experience,” The View host Sunny Hostin said to Jenner, referencing her ties to Parscale and Wren. 

“So what exactly do you mean by surrounding yourself with really good people.”

Jenner hit back that he “wanted to put the best group of people, as you would call them insiders, for a political campaign.

“I was able to hire some of the best people to run the campaign and it’s more than just Brad or Caroline there is a whole host of people that have worked with over the last few months.


Brad Parscale is working with Jenner’s campaign[/caption]

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He is Trump’s ex-campaign manager[/caption]

“Honestly, I think I’ve got very very good advice,” Jenner told The View.  

“They know this area, they know what’s going on and so I don’t make any excuses for anybody.  

“I feel I have a good team around me who can lead me to victory so I’m very excited at the place I’m at right now.”

The View team also pushed Jenner on transgender issues after her recent comments on young trans athletes. 

“As an Olympian and as one of the most famous athletes in the world your thoughts do carry some weight here,” Sara Haines said. 

“You’ve called in fundamentally a question of fairness, opponents say it’s discrimination. How significant do you think this issue is?” 

“To be honest with you it’s a very small issue in the state of California,” Jenner answered. 

“I have been very outspoken on this but we have so many bigger issues in this state like immigration. 

Jenner then said that California is a “huge immigration” issue. 

“As governor, I would first close the southern border on all state lands,” the ex-athlete said. 

“I would finish the border wall, do what I would call the best job we can do in protecting the eastern front. 

“Illegal immigration has been such a burden on the taxpayers, on homes, on business,” she continued. 

“If you are here illegally and you get arrested, you are deported. I would be tough on immigrants.” 

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