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The Voice’s Blake Shelton slammed as ‘petty’ as he rips other coaches after Ariana Grande claims he’s ‘jealous’

THE Voice’s Blake Shelton was slammed as “petty” as he ripped the other coaches in favor of Ariana Grande.

The country singer defended the newest coach after she claimed he’s “jealous” of her.

Blake was slammed for being ‘petty’ after he ripped the other coaches

During Monday’s episode of The Voice, Blake was the only coach to not turn his chair around for contestant Raquel Trinidad.

While speaking to the contestant, the 45-year-old encouraged Raquel to choose Ariana, 28, over Kelly Clarkson, 39, and John Legend, 42.

After sharing that he wanted to help Raquel “choose Ariana” as her coach, Blake said: “I don’t want to see you end up with two coached that are jaded and have been here for a while.

“They’ve proven season after season that they can’t win.”

Blake’s argument seemed to make sense to Raquel, who eventually chose Ariana as her coach.

While the contestant was convinced by Blake’s arguments, The Voice viewers didn’t find his praise for the pop star quite so charming.

While taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “I’m going to watch something else if I have to hear all of this nonsense coming from Blake. It’s getting old!”

Another added: “Blake is so petty…”

A third chimed in: “What’s with Blake being extra nice. I’m suspicious!!!

Others shared their thoughts behind Blake’s motives, with one person writing: “blake is trying not to get blocked by ariana that’s why he’s sucking up to her.”

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