There’s a secret Office site where you can get your shoes 70% cheaper

EVEN though we’ve been in lockdown for most of the past year, that hasn’t stopped us from impulse buying shoes whenever we’ve had the chance.

But while we normally wait until end-of-season sales to splash out hard-earned cash, it turns out Office has a secret website where you can get up to 70 per cent off ALL year round.


Office has a website called Offcuts where they sell reduced shoes[/caption]

Offcuts, the store’s “little brother”, carries best-selling brands such Ugg to Nike at a discounted price.

So what’s the catch? Well, most of the shoes are either ex-display so they may have a minor scuff or two.

Alternatively, they could be the last ones in stock so it’s pretty rare to find a variety of sizes of the same design.

But to put your mind at rest, the site also grades the shoes based on their imperfections so you’ll know exactly what condition they’ll be in.


These Nike Air Max trainers have been reduced by almost 30 per cent[/caption]

  • Nike Air Max, £140 down to £99 from Offcuts – buy now

These leather sandals have been slashed by 60 per cent[/caption]

  • Caramel Leather Sandals, £69 down to £27 from Offcuts – buy now

They range from P for “perfect”, all the way to G4, which is “OK condition – bargain”.

The website reads: “Our team makes sure that all of these little imperfections are photographed and described on each product so you know exactly what you are buying.”

Currently, customers can bag a pair of pretty pink Nike Air Max trainers that were £140 for just £99 – which is a almost a 30 per cent saving.


These Ash designer boots would have originally set you back £165[/caption]

  • Ash Heidi Boot, £165 to £99 from Offcuts – buy now

These ex-display Veja trainers have been reduced gtoo[/caption]

  • Veja Pink Trainers, £115 to £95 from Offcuts – buy now

What’s more, the brand’s chic caramel leather heeled sandals are a total bargain at just £27 – having been reduced by 60 per cent.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s even a pair of Ash’s designer suede Heidi boots which have been slashed by 40 per cent to £99.

*adds ALL to basket*

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