There’s an engagement ring hidden in this pretty garden of flowers, so how quickly can YOU spot it?

IF YOU’RE up for a Friday afternoon challenge, look no further than this tricky wedding themed-brainteaser.

A jeweller has hidden an engagement ring among dozens of colourful bridal bouquets – but can you spot it?

F. Hinds

Can you spot the engagement ring among the bridal bouquets?[/caption]

The British retailer, F. Hinds, has ensured that it’s no easy task to spot the special item.

They have cleverly woven in numerous circular swirls of ribbon and shades of flowers to get you scratching your head.

Can you spot the teeny gold band with a sizeable rock?

If not, scroll down to find out where it’s hidden…


The wedding-inspired brainteaser was created by jeweller F. Hinds[/caption]

But…before you give up, we’ll be nice and give you another clue!

Try and focus hard on the area surrounding the bouquets…

F. Hinds

Here’s the answer! Did you get it correct?[/caption]

As you can see from the image above – showing the ring in a red circle – this wasn’t an easy task.

It was nestled away towards the bottom-right of the image, partially obscured by some foliage.

Give yourself a pat on the back, whether you found it singlehandedly or had a little help!

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