These are the best gluten-free pretzels to munch on

These are the best gluten-free pretzels to munch on

FACT: Pretzels are probably the world’s greatest snack.

They’re relatively healthy, they taste as good with beer as they do in your lunch bag and they even contain fibre and B vitamins.

best gluten free pretzels
The best best gluten-free pretzels taste just like the real deal

Whether you’re gluten-free by choice or your body doesn’t process gluten well, there are lots of pretzel brands with gluten-free varieties – that you would never think were gluten-free based on taste alone.

Glutino is a gluten-free snack brand that sells a range of gluten-free pretzels, in different sizes, shapes and dipped in various toppings (check out their website for gluten-free recipes to try out at home).

Schär is another favourite when it comes to gluten-free snacking – and living. Their award-winning gluten-free pretzels are so good, fans swear they can’t tell the difference between them and the real deal.

Another reason that pretzels are such a fantastic treat is the fact that you can dip them in all sorts of things to create a more exciting snack, like slathering them in yogurt, dunking them in peanut butter or dipping them into mustard. Pretzels also make a delicious bread crumb coating – pretzel-crusted mac and cheese is an American favourite.

For the ultimate sweet fix, nothing beats chocolate-dipped pretzels: just dip in melted chocolate, refrigerate for a few hours and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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1. Best gluten-free pretzel sticks

best gluten-free pretzels
Glutino is known for its gluten-free snack foods

The general consensus when it comes to Glutino’s pretzel sticks? They’re “very delicious,” the “best ever” and “crunchy and salty.” They’re also beloved by kids and generally agreed to be as tasty as any pretzel containing gluten.

  • Glutino Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks, 14.1 oz, for £4.79 on iHerb – buy here

2. Best gluten-free pretzels for an after-school snack

best gluten-free pretzels
These pretzels from Barkat are gluten, wheat and milk-free
Amazon UK

These gluten-free pretzel sticks from Barkat are also wheat and milk-free so ideal for anyone with multiple intolerances or food sensitivities. They also happen to be crunchy and delicious. Pretzel sticks are an easy, nutritious snack for a ravenous school kid.

  • (AD) Barkat Pretzel Sticks, 2 x 75g, for £4.49 on Amazon – buy here

3. Best all rounder gluten-free pretzels

best gluten free pretzels
These gluten-free pretzels are addictive – and that’s according to people who both do and don’t eat gluten
Amazon UK

Schär’s gluten-free pretzels are positively moreish, and make a fantastic snack for any pretzel lover out there, gluten-free or not (they’re that good). As one fan puts it: “Tasty with a great crunch! My gluten-eating daughter steals them from me constantly.”

  • (AD) Schär Gluten Free Pretzels 60 g (Pack of 5), for £9.94 on Amazon – buy here

4. Best gluten-free pretzels with sea salt

best gluten free pretzels
Salty, crunchy perfection.
Amazon UK

Gratify’s gluten-free pretzels are vegan, baked and dusted with sea salt for a nice kick. As one reviewer writes: “These pretzels have just the right amount of sea salt without making them too salty. The flavour of the pretzel tastes like other pretzels that have gluten in them, even better.”

  • (AD) Gratify Gluten Free Sea Salt Pretzel Bites 227g (Pack of 6), for £17.62 on Amazon – buy here

5. Best sweet gluten-free pretzel snacks

best gluten free pretzels
Sweet-treat pretzel nuggets from US brand Quinn Snacks
Lucky Vitamin

While making your own chocolate-and-peanut-butter pretzels is pretty easy to do, buying them is even easier: these gluten-free pretzel nuggets from Quinn are filled with dark chocolate and made from environmentally friendly gluten-free sorghum (it’s a more sustainable grain that requires less water). Even better? Fans say they taste fantastic.

  • Quinn Gluten Free Pretzels Dark Chocolate’y Peanut Filled Nuggets – 6.5 oz, for £5.46 on Lucky Vitamin – buy here

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