This is what 20 years of smoking will do to inside of your house – & it took professional cleaners SIX HOURS to clean

PROFESSIONAL cleaners have revealed what cigarette smoke can do to your home, after tackling an old lady’s house that she had smoked inside of for over 20 years.

Nicotine can build up over time staining everything from walls to kitchen appliances and stubborn build-up can be difficult to remove.


A professional cleaner has revealed the damage cigarette smoke can have inside your home[/caption]

TikTok user Sarah May (@lasarahmay) shared a video of her tackling the elderly woman’s home, especially her kitchen and bathroom where nicotine stains were rife.

In the video, that has since bee watched nearly 17k times online, Sarah May reveals the extent of the damage in the elderly woman’s home – her white kitchen appliances were tinged yellow and grime from the nicotine stains had built up in the grooves of switches on the dishwasher and around the fridge.

The bathroom toilet was also stained and in need of a good scrub.

“This little old lady has been smoking indoors for over two decades. She asked us not to move anything because it’s just how she liked it,” Sarah May explained.


She was tasked with cleaning an old lady’s home that had 20-year old nicotine stains[/caption]


The woman’s white kitchen appliances were tinged yellow and had stubborn nicotine build-up on the dishwasher door and fridge[/caption]


Nictoine can be difficult to remove, with the cleaner opting for bleach products[/caption]


She revealed they had to bleach each surface multiple times in order to get them clean[/caption]

“Our main goal was to eliminate all nicotine stains.”

To do so, her weapon of choice was bleach and she covered every surface numerous times with the cleaning product, before using plenty of elbow grease to work out the stains.

“We bleached every surface numerous times to achieve the original condition of her lovely home,” she said.

It wasn’t an easy job, with Sarah enlisting the help of a friend and the kitchen and bathroom taking them several hours to spruce up.


A mammoth job, it took two cleaners six hours to restore the kitchen and bathroom to its original condition[/caption]


The white ceramic toilet was stained brown from the cigarette smoke lingering inside[/caption]


The elderly woman was thrilled with the results after the cleaners spruced up her home[/caption]

“It took two of us six hours to complete the kitchen and bathroom,” she revealed, adding that the old lady was thrilled with the results.

“She was over the moon with the outcome.”

Good as new, Sarah May had the kitchen and bathroom sparkling once again with the white features restored to their original condition.

Hundreds like the cleaner’s post, with many sharing how impressed they were with the finished results.

Quizzing Sarah May on the products she had used, one person commented: “What products did you use? That’s amazing results.”

She replied: “Thank you! A lot of bleach and The Pink Stuff.”

Another added: “Let’s hope she appreciates all the effort and doesn’t let it go back to that state.”

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