This Morning’s Alison Hammond admits she’s at rock bottom in obesity battle and wants help to ‘claw her way out of it’

ALISON Hammond has admitted feeling at the “bottom of the pit” in her obesity crisis – and asked for help to “claw” herself out of it.

At her heaviest, the This Morning presenter weighed 20st and vowed to overhaul her diet in 2019 to shift the pounds.

Alison Hammond reached out for help as she its rock bottom in weight struggle

But two years on and 5ft 9ins Alison revealed her ongoing struggle to lose weight.

She was interviewing actress Davinia Taylor on This Morning today who has written a book called “It’s Not A Diet” after losing three stone.

Alison told her: “There will be people watching who are in it now, myself included. I am literally in it.

“You kind of feel like you’re at the bottom of the pit and you’ve got to claw out of it. Where do you start?”

Davinia told how it’s all about “counting chemicals – not calories”.

“I eat on depression. When I’m upset or stressed I reach for carbohydrates.

“After my mum died I was doing that constantly. I gave up alcohol 13 years ago so I knew I couldn’t turn to that, so I turned to carbohydrates and sugar instead. I couldn’t stop.

“What I didn’t realise is that a few ingredients in there were triggering me to be more depressed.

“The one I found out – more than sugar – is vegetable oil and seed oil, which actually just makes you depressed. It’s not meant to be in our diet, but it’s everywhere.

“When I cut that out, all of a sudden my body started functioning better and I could metabolise the food I was storing, get rid of it and improve my mood then start exercising.”

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