Thousands of British Army soldiers are too fat too fat to fight, new fitness tests reveal

THOUSANDS of soldiers are too fat to fight the Army’s new fitness tests have revealed.

Nearly 6,000 troops were classed as “unconditioned” after getting the lowest scores, meaning they have to do more training.


Nearly 6,000 soldiers were classed as ‘unconditioned’ in new fitness tests[/caption]

SAS hero Rusty Firmin said: “It’s a joke. How did they get into the Army in the first place?”

Soldiers used to have a Personal Fitness Assessment every year, which they had to pass.

But since 2019, Conditioning Reviews have taken over, which pinpoint areas of fitness where troops must do better — but they cannot fail.

The tests are designed to mimic combat and include sprints, jumps, pull-ups and throwing a 4kg medicine ball.

Latest MoD figures showed one in five women and one in fifty men in the regular Army were classed as unconditioned over the past three years.

The figure more than doubled for the reserves.


Soldiers had to pass Personal Fitness Assessments until they were ditched in 2019 (stock photo)[/caption]

The Army said: “Further support is offered to personnel identified as needing additional physical training.”

It comes after The Sun revealed that troops can cry off fitness sessions if they are not feeling well enough.

MoD figures showed one in ten soldiers is clinically obese.

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