TikToker leaves girl in tears after giving her new phone in ‘touching clip’ for likes… only to snatch it back later

A TIKTOKER left a young girl in tears after he handed her a new phone so he could create a “touching clip” for likes… only for him to snatch it back afterwards.

Ukrainian influencer Alexander Voloshin approached the youngster who was walking around Kiev with her mum.

Alexander Voloshin approached the youngster on the street’s of Ukraine’s capital Kiev
The Tiktok influencer is seen handing the girl a new phone

After handing over the phone to her which was filmed, once the recording had finished he then asked the girl to return the gift, as her mum carried on filming.

The mum then argues with Voloshin, saying that jokes like that affect kids who following him on the social media site because of the content.

He then suggests the cops are called to resolve the situation because the moment he gave the mobile to the girl had been recorded.

When filming has finished he asks for the phone back
Voloshin is seen snatching the phone out of the girl’s hands

Voloshin then says: “It was just an accessory for the video”.

But the mum replies: “No, you can’t do that. Now the girl is going to cry”.

Voloshin then offered to give the girl about 2,000 hryvnia (£52) for what happened but the mum refused to take the money.

Voloshin then snatches the phone out the girl’s hands.

Most of the event was caught on camera although how it all ended is not known.

The news comes after two Egyptian Tiktokers were jailed for a total of 16 years jail time for encouraging women to use the social media platform to earn money.

Haneen Hossam, 20, and Mowada al-Adham, 23, were convicted of “human trafficking” charges and slapped with £9,100 fines each by a Cairo judge on Sunday.

Mowada, who has more than 3million followers, received a six-year sentence while co-influencer Haneen was handed ten after going into hiding.

Both were accused of “using girls in acts contrary to the principles and values of Egyptian society with the aim of gaining material benefits” by encouraging them to share content on TikTok for a living.

Other charges the pair were given include “corrupting family values”, “inciting debauchery” and “encouraging young women to practice sexual relations”, Mowada’s lawyer Saber Sokkar said.

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