Toilet fanatic gains cult following after rating loos across the world on ‘bog blog’

LOO lover Rachel Dixon is sharing her lifelong passion for toilets — on her very own “bog blog”.

Rachel, 33, has a cult following after rating 119 lavs in restaurants, pubs, entertainment venues and shops across the UK, Europe and Australia.

Kennedy News/@loos_reviews

A loo fanatic has gained a cult following online as she shared her passion for toilets by launching her very own ‘bog blog’[/caption]

Kennedy News/@loos_reviews

Rachel Dixon, 33, has rated 119 lavs across the UK, Europe and Australia[/caption]

The railway engineer scores them on their cleanliness, decor and facilities — up to five marks for each.

She takes into account the extras such as fancy soaps and full-length mirrors.

Only one, the City Vaults in Newcastle, has a three, the lowest mark.

Three have a laudable 14.5, including London’s Royal Academy of Arts.

Rachel, from Manchester, said: “I’ve always been a bit toilet crazy.

“It has been a lifelong fascination.

Kennedy News/@loos_reviews

The railway engineer gives scores based on cleanliness, decor and facilities[/caption]

Kennedy News/@loos_reviews

Rachel, known as ‘Mrs Loo Review’ to pals, says ‘I’ve always been a bit toilet crazy’[/caption]

Kennedy News/@loos_reviews

Rachel adds ‘You should always leave the loo as if your mother was going in right after you’[/caption]

“I’ll only post about the particularly good or terrible ones — they need to be celebrated or condemned!”

Rachel, “Mrs Loo Review” to pals, reckons cleanliness is the most vital quality.

She said: “You should always leave the loo as if your mother was going in right after you”.

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