Top Gear's Richard Hammond admits Botswana filming incident as he reunites with 'Oliver'

Richard purchased the 1963 Kaddett as part of a £1,500 budget given to each host to travel across the desert for the show. Seen again 13 years after the show was broadcast, the former host admits he even restored the vehicle a couple of years ago.

The Opel Kaddett, nicknamed Oliver by Richard, was the only one of the trio’s cars to come to the UK after filming.

Jeremy Clarkson’s Lancia Beta Coupe was recently discovered by YouTube fans in the Botswanan village of Maun.

James May’s Mercedes-Benz 230E is also believed to be in Botswana as it was not brought to the UK.

Speaking in a new video released by DriveTribe, Richard Hammond admitted it took two years to bring the car home once filming had ended.

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The Botswana Special saw the trio travel from the Zimbabwean Border through Kalahari and onto the Namibian Border.

While crossing the Okavango Delta, the trio was forced to cross a small river with all three hosts opting to drive straight into the water.

Jeremy Clarkson and James May managed to haul their cars over the swamp but were forced to shoot bullet holes in their floor to drain the water.

However, the Opel slowly began to sink into the water before stalling which meant the car had to be towed back to land.

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