Trisha Paytas tearfully quits Frenemies podcast after explosive row with cohost H3’s Ethan Klein

TRISHA Paytas has quit her Frenemies podcast after having a blazing row with their cohost, H3’s Ethan Klein.

The YouTuber, 33, tearfully announced their departure after clashing with Ethan in their latest episode in which he claimed he “does most of the work” and they “just show up”.


Trisha Paytas has quit their Frenemies podcast[/caption]

Trisha – who identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns “they” and “them – slammed the podcast’s “fan advice” segment, which they called “lazy”, in Monday’s episode.

Ethan fired back: “A lazy podcast? You don’t do anything for it. You just show up, we do all the work.”

This sparked a furious argument over the show’s planning and production costs.

They claimed that they bring topics to the podcast and claimed Ethan “recycles” topics between the H3H3 Podcast’s other YouTube shows and Frenemies.


They had a blazing row with cohost Ethan Klein in Monday’s episode[/caption]


Ethan claimed he does ‘most of the work’ and Trisha ‘just shows up’[/caption]

They added that the crew brings ideas that “aren’t that great” to Frenemies and questioned why they don’t have “input” in hiring crew members.

They also took issue with recording at the downtown LA studio Ethan has bought.

Ethan responded by saying Trisha gets a “generous” cut of the show’s revenue and insinuated that the TV personality is the talent and not the producer.

The episode, which is livestreamed on YouTube, ended with Trisha asking to stop filming and end the show.


Trisha has hosted the H3H3 Productions podcast with Ethan since September 2020.

In their video “stepping down from frenemies”, Trisha said they weren’t “sorry” for the things they said and admitted problems have been brewing for a while.

“I’m really trying hard not to quit things and not let my emotions get the best of me. I just wanted to end it and get my peace of mind,” they said.

“It really feels like the walls are caving in.”

They added that Ethan said the “crew is not comfortable” and thought Trisha was “really rude”.

Trisha admitted that while they “regret” the delivery of their comments about the cew, they’re “not really sorry for it” and had “vented these frustrations before”.

Ethan tweeted that Trisha’s video came as a “total surprise” and said he doesn’t know what to do with “4,000 frenemies hoodies”.

He added: “I dont [sic] really know what more I can say or do.

“Im [sic] very sorry to all the fans of frenemies, I know how much it meant to everyone, I did everything I humanly could to save it.”

Their issues could extend to their personal lives, as Trisha is engaged to Israeli artist Moses Hacmon, the brother of Ethan’s wife Hila.

Trisha previously claimed they would quit Frenemies in December 2020, but soon returned for another episode.

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