Trump dropped HUGE hint about possible 2024 return in bombshell video, Don Jr says

DONALD Trump’s eldest son claims the ex-president has dropped a “huge hint” about running for re-election in 2024 as he ranted about the Democrats in a new video.

Don Jr believes his father gave his latest “big” signal that he’s readying for another run for the White House in a clip thanking Republicans for their “tremendous support”.

Don Jr believes his father dropped a ‘huge hint’ about running in the 2024 election[/caption]

In a video announcement, Trump said ‘we’re going to take back the White House’[/caption]

In a video published on Monday, Don Jr, 43, also slammed the Democrats and accused Joe Biden’s administration of “incompetence” and “putting America last”.

“OK guys, I don’t know about you but this video that my father put out the other day sounds like a big hint for 2024 – you watch it, let me know what your thoughts and I’ll be back with mine,” Don Jr said, speaking to the camera.

The video then cuts to a clip of Trump, with former president insisting “we’re going to take back the White House”.

The 74-year-old has teased running for president again in 2024, but has yet to announce a formal decision.

In the video, Trump says: “I want to thank everybody for the tremendous support you’ve shown.

“We’re going to take back the Senate and take back the House, we’re going to take back the White House and sooner than you think, it’s going to be really something special.

“But the love and the affection and the respect that you’ve given to all of us, it’s really important.

“The Republican party is stronger than it’s ever been and it’s going to be a lot stronger than it is right now. We’re going to turn it around, and we’re going to turn it around fast.”

The video then switches back to Don Jr, who launches a tirade of criticism at the Democratic Party – saying his father is the “only one who can stand up to the nonsense”.

“When he says ‘we’re going to take back the White House’, hey, as far as I’m concerned, he’s the Conservative movement right now, he’s the one that called everything,” Don Jr said.


Don Jr claims Donald Trump is the ‘only one who can stand up to the nonsense’[/caption]

“I think even the crazies are starting to recognize that Donald Trump was 100 per cent right about just about everything – whether it be China, whether it be Fauci – he knew.

“Now the media, the Democrats, they tried to whatever they could to hurt him.

“They sold the American public a fact set that was nonsense. So I love that he’s taking charge, I love that he’s the only guy that can stand up to the nonsense, to the craziness the Democrats, the media, the establishment – on both sides candidly – will throw at him.”

Don Jr also accused the Democrats of “destroying” America since taking over just months ago.

“You guys have been watching, you’ve seen what the Democrats have done,” he added.

“They’re destroying our country – whether it’s the border, whether it’s the Middle East, whether it’s American energy of independence, whether it’s jobs, whether it’s commodity pricing going through the roof.

“The media, they’ll blame the pandemic. Guess what, how come this stuff didn’t happen for the first year of the pandemic. I wonder. I’m trying to think what changed in, I don’t know, the last four months or so. What changed?

“I think we all understand exactly what happened.”

Backing his father’s potential re-election campaign, Don Jr hailed Trump’s possible run as “awesome”.

“So Donald Trump was right all along in my opinion, Donald Trump is the guy that can push back,” he added.

“So if this is hinting at at a 2024 run, it’s awesome. I’ll ask him about it this week, maybe I’ll have more you.

“I think, if it is (a hint), we can actually get back to making America great again – as we did for four years.”


It comes after Trump said he would consider Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as his running mate in 2024 in a public snub to former Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump said on Monday that fellow Republican DeSantis is a “great guy” who he “would certainly consider” as his VP.

When asked on Fox Business if he would consider GOP-favorite DeSantis as his VP should he run again, Trump replied: “Sure I would.”

Trump added: “I would certainly consider Ron. I was at the beginning of Ron.

“I was the first one to endorse him when he came out as a congressman that a lot of people didn’t know and my endorsement helped him tremendously and I know him very well. He’s a great guy.”

Without confirming a 2024 run, Trump added: “We have other great people, I mean you look at some of the people, the Republican people, that have done a great job with states.”

His relationship with VP Pence soured after Capitol riot on January 6 when Trump supporters we heard chanting ‘hang Mike Pence”.

Pence had refused to support a movement to overturn the 2020 election results and admitted last week he does not know he will “ever see eye to eye” with Trump over the “dark” day.

An early poll puts Trump as the favorite among Republican voters, with DeSantis coming in second.

But Trump did call a run for congress in 2022 “highly unlikely”.

Meanwhile on Saturday, Trump railed against the “radical left” and the “corrupt” 2020 election at the North Carolina’s annual state Republican Party convention, in his first major return to the political stage.

Trump, who won North Carolina in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, used the speech to blast Biden over immigration and for “bowing down to China” during his first four months in office.

He portrayed the upcoming midterm elections as the battle for America’s survival in his fiery speech.

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