Tucker Carlson slams the ‘cult of Kamala Harris’ after VP handed out cookies of her own FACE to reporters

TV HOST Tucker Carlson browbeat inventors of what he termed the “Cult of Kamala Harris” and took the vice president to task for delivering cookies bearing her likeness to win over the press corps.

“So Kamala Harris isn’t just a Vice President… she’s God,” he said during his monologue on Thursday night’s show.


The cookies were modeled on Kamala Harris’ official White House portrait[/caption]

Fox News

Tucker Carlson believes the cookies and other VP Kamala Harris-themed items have turned the California politician into a god[/caption]


Vice President Kamala Harris handed out the cookies to the press corps on Air Force 2 after she received them as a gift from a bakery[/caption]

The Vice President handed out her signature cookies, inspired by her official White House portrait, to reporters while traveling on Air Force 2 to meet the President of Guatemala.

She shared the confections after they were given to her by a bakery.

It was the first trip since President Joe Biden named Harris to lead diplomatic efforts in the region as the crisis at the border intensifies.

She traveled to the Central American country, which along with El Salvador and Honduras make up the Northern Triangle on June 6.

Fox News

The Fox News host has likened the effort to immortalize Kamala Harris as “The Cult Of Kamala”[/caption]

Carlson criticized the offering as pure gimmick. 

“We now have Kamala Harris-themed food in this case, baked goods apparently made by the United States military,” he said, according to a transcript published by Fox News. 

He recapped: “On her way to Guatemala this weekend, on the plane, Kamala Harris walked to the back to hand out cookies, not just any cookies, not Oreos, not Fig Newtons, cookies in the shape of Kamala Harris.”

He then suggested a tweet posted by a USA Today reporter on board the airplane with the VP was “thrilled” about receiving a Kamala noggin-shaped treat.


Carlson and other conservatives called out Harris for the cookie gifts as a stunt[/caption]

He suspects the children’s superhero book, ghost-authored biography and other pro-Kamala Harris items have produced a fictionalized version of the vice president.

“Kamala Harris — next time you see someone walking across the top of your swimming pool, it’s probably Kamala Harris,” Carlson riffed.

He went on to claim the effort to prop her up as propaganda.

“She became part of a divine group of leaders, divine in the literal sense like the Dalai Lama, or Kim Jong-un.

“She shot an 18 in her last round of golf.”

His souring on the sweets followed widespread condemnation felt amongst fellow conservatives. 

Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel compared Harris’s dessert offering in a tweet to “The modern-day equivalent of “let them eat cake,” harkening back to French Queen Marie Antoinette’s infamous quote. 

She added: “with her face on them as the border crisis rages.”

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa tweeted: “[Harris] is passing out cookies to the press with her face on them while the cartel makes hundreds of millions of dollars smuggling drugs and children across the southern border.

“This is all possible thanks to the Biden/Harris Administration’s policies.“

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