TV architect Laura Jane Clark shares checks you can make before planning a loft conversion

The property market is currently on an upward trajectory as homeowners search for their forever homes. The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have also changed house hunters’ priorities, with homeowners now looking for more space in the form of a home office, a garden or off-street parking. In fact, new research from Barclays Mortgages, found that the coronavirus pandemic has supercharged Britons’ search for their dream property, with over half of homeowners bringing forward their plans to find their forever home.

Barclays Mortgages asked homeowners to describe their dream property which was a detached property with at least three bedrooms, allowing for a spare room to comfortably accommodate guests.

Meanwhile, after being cooped up inside for the best part of a year, homeowners are now dreaming of a property with a garage and a large garden.

But the number one feature at the top of British homeowners’ wish lists was off-road parking.

Off-street parking was closely followed by at least three bedrooms, a garage, at least one spare bedroom, a garden terrace/patio area, a large garden, an en-suite and good storage solutions.

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But if you don’t have the cash to move house but are looking to make improvements to what you have, where do you begin?

A loft conversion is a great way to add space, an extra bedroom or bathroom and value to your home without breaking the bank.

But there are several aspects of a loft conversion that you need to think about before you start planning.

Architect Laura told that there are a few “technical” details you should look into before you take the plunge.

She explained: “There are a few technical things to think about when you’re looking at your home and thinking, ‘we could put a loft conversion in’.

“One easy thing to do is check on Google Maps to see if anybody has done it in the area.

“Often, their houses are built in the same kind of way so you will know whether they can physically fit one in.”

Laura explained it isn’t always as simple as looking at your own loft space and guessing whether you have the correct roof height.

“Fifty percent of the time, the height isn’t there so the whole roof has to be taken off and redone or raised,” she added.

The Your Home Made Perfect architect said looking at Google Maps can give you an idea of what your own property would look like with a loft conversion.

Using the tool could also give you a feel as to whether it will be a complex job or more “straightforward”.

Laura also said to check where the natural light in the morning and evening flows into your home.

“Work around that,” she explained.

“It’s looking at the changing sun throughout the day rather than fixating on ‘I want a south-facing garden’”.

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