UK space breakthrough as Skyrora XL becomes Britain's first ‘mission-ready’ rocket

Jack Marlow, Skyrora’s Head of Engineering revealed this latest exercise involved a fully-integrated setup of the engine.

He told “We tested the other stage of the Skyrora XL launch vehicle in a ‘static fire’, i.e. a hot fire test of the upper stage.

“This was a flight-weight article, so it was not a demonstration or part of a laboratory test – it was the full article that we look to be using for launch in the next 10 years.

“We strapped it down and ignited engines to do a full mission simulation, i.e. be tested for over 450 seconds, over three test fires.

“This is the simulation of when Skyrora XL launches and the third stage ignites, it can sometimes go into an elliptical transfer scheme, where we do a burn then coast for a long time and then we do a second burn.

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