Virgin Media and BT rival offers the ultimate reason to switch your broadband

If you want superfast broadband then BT and Virgin Media both offer some blisteringly quick downloads. BT has its Full Fibre 900 whilst Virgin now offers Gig1 to over 10 million properties across the UK. In fact, Virgin has just upgraded a further 2.5million UK premises to its fastest technology, meaning 12.8 million homes can now benefit from this super fast technology.

This internet access allows you to download files at speeds over 13 times faster than the UK average with a full HD Hollywood movie arriving on your TV in under 40 seconds – that’s compared to over 10 minutes on a standard 70Mbps connection.

That all sounds great but this gigabit broadband isn’t exactly cheap. Both BT and Virgin charge around £60 per month for the privilege which is a pretty big investment especially as you’ll have to sign up for at least 18-months.

Luckily there is a way to get these speeds beamed into your living room at a much, much cheaper price. Hyperoptic has just announced its 10th birthday is coming up and celebrate its time in the UK the Internet Service Provider is offering a crazy deal on its best speeds.


This mean, right now, you can get 1Gbps broadband for just £20 per month – that’s a saving of £40 off the standard price.

Not only is the price slashed but the company is also offering the discounted rate for two years.

This deal is so good, Hyperoptic isn’t running it for long with consumers only getting until October 20 to sign up. There is a £20 connection fee pay but if you want gigabit speeds you probably won’t find anything cheaper.

One final thing to note is that Hyperoptic isn’t available across the whole of the UK although its service and its network is growing and now spans 57 UK towns and cities – an increase of 15 from 2020.

You can check if your property is covered by Hyperoptic here.

Speaking about the deal Dana Tobak, CEO, Hyperoptic: “Today marks a huge milestone in Hyperoptic’s history. Back in 2011, the notion of ‘gigabit broadband’ sounded very futuristic. The market was ripe for disruption, but we were competing as a start-up against some industry giants whose existing technology was not compatible with the delivery of next generation broadband, and who didn’t want to cannibalise their customer base.

“The success of Hyperoptic is down to the support of our incredible clients and customers, who have always been our biggest advocates. We couldn’t be more excited for the next ten years and delivering on our ambitious growth plans, where we continue to scale our network and set the best practice example for our industry.”

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