Vodafone customers check your bill now! Network hits users with worrying charges

“We apologise to Mandy for the inconvenience caused by our mistake – we have topped up her account with £20 of credit as a gesture of goodwill.”

Mandy, however, is not alone with other Vodafone PAYG customers taking to online forums and social media to say they’ve been sent a similar incorrect message on the My Vodafone website.

On the Vodafone customer forum, one person wrote: “I am a PAYG customer. My dashboard tells me I am in arrears of £452.91 and it went up by £50 on the day I started making enquiries about it.

“I’ve tried Customer Service several times, Vodafone’s complaints team three times and visited my local Vodafone shop twice.

“Everyone says I don’t owe anything but the dashboard clearly states that my “account is in arrears” and when I click through to “make payment” the debt is given as £452.91.

“No one can explain it. I cannot ignore this but Vodafone don’t seem interested and won’t give me any explanation.”

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