Home News Weekend washout as gales lash Britain – with flood alerts in place

Weekend washout as gales lash Britain – with flood alerts in place


Britain is set to be lashed with 40mph winds while temperatures continue to surge up and down and flood alerts are put in place.

Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir described a “strong biting wind” moving in on the UK’s shores this weekend, adding it will “be a lot colder” than the highs of earlier in the week.

Many of the bright skies will also be replaced with miserable cloud coverage, but while temperatures plummet to below zero overnight, some places will see surges into double figures by day.

The likes of Southampton, Exeter and Pembroke will see highs of 12 and 13C on Saturday afternoon, though at the same time fierce winds will counter any warmth.

Winds are building up strength in the North Sea ready to strike the UK

The south coast of England, in particular Brighton and Dover, will reach at least 40mph gusts, while most of the UK will see winds hit at least 30mph.

On Friday, meanwhile, 37 flood alerts have been put in place in the south of England by the Environment Agency.

Ms Nasir said: “The winds developing across this eastern side, south eastern portion of England, so it’s going to feel colder particularly [on Friday], you’re going to notice the difference.”

Wind gusts are likely to hit highs of 42mph this weekend

Tomorrow afternoon, the wind is going to pick up some speed across the North Sea, the meteorologist continued, adding that the highs of 19C will not be repeated in the next few days.

“You’ll notice the difference everywhere outside, on Friday it’s going to feel a bit cooler. Cooler still into the weekend.”

She went on to say: “It’s this high pressure system here which will build and introduce cold north to north easterly colours extending all the way down the country over the weekend.

“It’s going to feel cold, that wind…also blowing in some wintry showers. All in all, a lot colder than the beginning of the week.

“But certainly there will be some sunshine around,” she added.


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