What do the lyrics to Pooh Shiesty’s song ‘Back in Blood’ mean?

FOLLOWING a commercial debut in 2019, Pooh Shiesty reached new heights when releasing his track, Back in Blood.

But that same track now seems incredibly ironic as the 21-year-old rapper has been charged in connection with a Miami strip club shooting and is set to stay in jail.


Pooh Shiesty turned himself in to the police following a Miami strip club shooting[/caption]

What do the lyrics to Pooh Shiesty’s song ‘Back in Blood’ mean? 

In his lyrics, Lontrell Williams – as he is named away from the stage – speaks of a settlement he is willing to end in bloodshed. He also insists on having his “own fire” and having no need for security “in the club.” 

The lyrics feature vocals from fellow American rapper Lil Durk and include:

Long way, learned somethin’ back from this s***
(Turn me up, YC, turn me up, YC, turn me up, YC)
Yeah, I get in this shit in blood, homie (mmm, mmm-mmm)

B****, I got my own fire, don’t need security in the club
All the woofin’ on the net (net), n****, I thought you was a thug
I ain’t got nowhere to go, I shot up everywhere they was
Yeah, you ain’t know who took that s*** from you
Come get it back in blood, blrrd, blrrd, b****, come get it back in blood

Miami-Dade Corrections

The rapper surrendered himself to the police when footage of the shooting (which occurred on 30 May, 2021) appeared on social media[/caption]

We ain’t mask up, no dodge your ex (no), niggas know who it was
Extortin’ s*** just like the 80s, once I’m back, get it in blood
Yeah, you know who took that s*** from you (ayy), come get it back in blood If yo’ n**** killer ain’t dead, you shouldn’t wear no R.I.P., shirt
We had three hundred shots up in the car before we picked up Durk
Three n*****, who ain’t got s*** goin’, go, grab a glizzy, get alert
Shiesty G, post, R.I.P., wherever he is, he in the dirt
You gotta know I go too far (let’s go)

It’s two O’s up on this hunnied, one of them might stand for O’Block
‘Bout twenty some shots, left up in the K, fifteen still in the Glock
Keep my door unlock, and stop
I like gettin’ on feet, park the car, blrrd
We gettin’ up close, do him dirty, I ain’t showin’ love
Eleven thousand, all ones, left my right pocket in the club
These blue faces up on me, dirty, I went, got it out the mud (let’s go)
If I took some, get it in blood (blrrd), I don’t give a f*** what we was

Give my shawty ‘nem a dub, and they gon’ walk inside this club
Hit his little a** with that switch, I bet that switch switch up his nerve
F*** the opps inside my city, lil’ bro put them in the mud
You can’t come back to your hood, huh?
He was dissin’ on my cousin, now his a** all in that ‘Wood, huh?
Book his a**, I wish he would come
V-roy pop up at that car with that new Glock
His ass playin’, b****, I’m really icy
Pooh Shiesty, that’s my dawg, but, Pooh, you know I’m really shiesty
You told all them OT n***** that you really slide?
Tell the truth about your gang, b****, they really dyin’

Pooh Shiesty

The clip features the rapper in a balaclava and shows him in the company of fellow rapper Lil Durk[/caption]

When was Back in Blood released?

Pooh Shiesty’s track follow a commercial debut in 2019 and was released on 6 November, 2020. 

It quickly became the rapper’s most-streamed song and was succeeded by the video, made public on 2 January, 2021. 

The clip, which features the rapper wearing a balaclava, has received more than 155 millions views as of this Friday, 11 June. 

Made aware of the rapper’s legal troubles, who turned himself in to the police after footage of the shooting at the King of Diamonds club (30, May, 2021) surfaced on social media, some viewers preferred to laugh at his recent setback. 

“He really has his own fire and doesn’t need security in the club”

“Looks like they got it back in blood”

“Guess he didn’t need security in the club after surrendering himself to the police”, said a few Internet users. 

This isn’t Pooh Shiesty’s first run-in with the law. 

In October, 2020, he was arrested on charged of aggravated battery, armed robbery with a firearm and theft during a parking lot exchange of cash. He then allegedly pleaded not guilty. 

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