What hay fever medication can I take when pregnant? From tablets to nasal sprays

WHEN you are pregnant, the last thing you need is to be plagued by hay fever too.

But is it safe to take medication and how can you prevent any symptoms?

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You can take certain hay fever tablets when you are pregnant but you should always check with a pharmacist or GP first[/caption]

What hay fever medication is safe in pregnancy?

When you are pregnant you can take some hay fever medicines but are advised to steer clear of others.

It is best to get advice from your GP or pharmacist before taking any medicine when you are pregnant.

Often expectant mums will be advised to take a nasal spray or eye drops before tablets.

Your GP will analyse your symptoms and the benefits of taking a medicine against the risk of any side effects, before making a prescription.


Hay fever typically kicks in towards the end of spring and start of summer[/caption]

Can I take antihistamines while pregnant?

Not all types of antihistamines are suitable during pregnancy, so it is important to consult your GP first.

Pharmacists are unlikely to sell antihistamines over the counter for use during pregnancy, due to manufacturer’s restrictions.

According to the NHS website, chlorphenamine is thought to be one of the safer antihistamines during pregnancy, but can cause drowsiness, so loratadine and cetirizine are typically preferred.

Olympic champ Laura Kenny told The Sun that she has always noticed the seasonal sniffles, but when she was expecting her son Albert, her hay fever was more unbearable than ever.

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There is currently no cure for hay fever, but many people are able to ease or control their symptoms[/caption]

Can babies get hay fever?

You can get hay fever at any age, but it usually starts in childhood or when you are a teenager.

Research suggested that young Brits are twice as likely to suffer as over-55s – although where you live is also a key factor.

It is more common in boys rather than girls, however in adulthood it affects both sexes equally.


How can you prevent hay fever?

Symptoms can be alleviated by wearing sunglasses outdoors to prevent pollen from getting in your eyes.

You should also shower after being outside to remove any pollen from your body, or try to avoid natural areas when the pollen count is high.

A high count will usually be over 50 grains per cubic metre of air.


You can get hay fever at any age, but it usually starts in childhood[/caption]

Other tips include putting Vaseline around your nose to trap pollen and avoid hanging clothes out to dry.

And for those whose hay fever triggers asthma there’s an alluring way you can reduce your symptoms – by simply swapping your pint of beer for a gin and tonic.

For further tips on preventing hay fever, see the NHS website.


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