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Where to find alien artifacts in Fortnite?

FORTNITE’S latest season has been hijacked by aliens as cosmic artifacts are scattered around the map.

Season 7 launched on Fortnite on June 8 and features a treasure trove of new level 1 battle pass skins.


Fornite’s season 7 launched on the gaming platform on June 8[/caption]

Where to find alien artifacts in Fortnite?

Kymera, a new character included in the latest season, is not a human like the typical playable options in the game.

Gamers can make Kymera look like all sorts of wild types of aliens, but you will need alien artifacts to unlock permanent upgrades for him.

Alien artifacts show up on the map in the wild and they appear to have set locations with new batches arriving every week.

The artifacts are simple purple canisters with a glowing rock inside.


Alien artifacts could be found scattered all across the map[/caption]

There are two primary ways to obtain alien artefacts in Fortnite:

  • Inside cosmic chests, which are new floating objects that contain a chest inside
  • Set locations across the map

If you see a floating purple cosmic chest during your expeditions, make sure to make a quick stop by.

In order to open it, players have to use their pickaxe to smack all hit points.

Players must continue to do so until it breaks, playing an animation before opening the chest.


Players could break open alien artifacts by using their pickaxe to smash them open[/caption]

Where are this week’s alien artifacts located?

You can find alien artifacts across the map in battle royale.

The artifacts vary weekly, but during the first week you can find them in the spots below:

  • Helipad tower just west of Catty Corner, right below the chest at the top.
  • In the destroyed Logjam, found southwest of Weeping Woods, you’ll find artifacts inside the barn on the southern end.
  • There’s one right in the center of The Aftermath, located in the middle of the map.
  • In the staircase of the Spire Tower located northeast from Believer Beach.
  • Frontyard of the farm located just north of Corny Complex.

Alien artifact locations could be found on the map[/caption]

Gamers take not, each time you pick up alien fragments you will receive a total of four fragments per batch.

What can you use alien artifacts for?

Once players retrieve all the alien artifacts of the week, which would be 20, they could spend them on Kymera.


New alien artifacts will be scattered across the map weekly[/caption]

Players could unlock a few different styles for Kymera, a new battle pass exclusive alien character that comes with an array of purchasable parts.

All of these cosmetic options can be obtained solely with alien artifacts, and the cost varies from 2 to around 17 for the most expensive ones.

You can change both the top and the bottom of Kymera’s head, eyes, skin color and more.

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