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Who is Below Deck Mediterranean star Katie Flood?

BELOW Deck star Katie Flood is the newest edition to the crew.

Katie Flood joins the show with over six years of yachting experience.

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Katie Flood joins season six of Below Deck Mediterranean[/caption]

Who is Below Deck Mediterranean star Katie Flood?

New Zealand native, Katie Flood, is the newest member of Bravo’s show Below Deck Mediterranean.

She joins the crew on board the Lady Michelle with Captain Sandy Yawn.

According to her Bravo bio, she has over six years of yachting experience on both charter and private yachts.

“No matter how difficult the request, she always manages to get it done and flawlessly,” her bio reads.

On board she will be the head of the interior department and is replacing former crew mate Hannah Ferrier, after she left the show during season five due to a drug incident.

Katie recently opened up to E! about her upcoming role saying,”You know, I’m not perfect. I am a human and I do have emotions.

“Things do affect me. You know, there’s so much pressure in this role, and then it’s like, you add the lack of sleep, the demanding guests, the drinking, like, all this stuff. It sort of boils up, and that’s when you have these emotional moments,” Katie continued.


Season six will follow Captain Sandy Yawn and her crew members, including Katie Flood[/caption]

What is Below Deck Mediterranean?

Below Deck Mediterranean is part of the Below Deck franchise that follows the lives of nine members of a yacht crew.

As the crew live and work on a 150-foot yacht, each episode features a new group of passengers, all presenting a different set of challenge to the crew.

The show first premiered on Bravo back in May 2016.

Instagram @katiefloody

Katie brings 6 years of yaching experience to the show[/caption]

When is Katie Flood’s season of Below Deck Mediterranean?

Season six of the show is set to premiere Monday June 28, 2021.

Fans can watch it every Monday at 9pm.

Episodes can also be streamed a week early on Peacock, starting Monday June 21, 2021.

Zev Schmitz/Bravo

The show follows nine members aboard a 150-foot yacht[/caption]

Who is the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean?

Season six follows Captain Sandy Yawn and bosun Malia White.

The rest of the season six cast includes:

  • Chef- Mathew Shea
  • Chief Stewardess- Katie Flood
  • Stewardess- Lexi Wilson
  • Stewardess- Courtney Veale
  • Deckhand- David Pascoe
  • Deckhand- Lloyd Spencer
  • Deckhand- Mzi “Zee” Dempers

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