Who is the Boston police commissioner who was fired?

BOSTON Mayor Kim Janey fired on Monday City Police Commissioner Dennis White over multiple allegations that targeted him. 

Janey decided to fire White after looking into the outcome of an independent investigation and considering the testimony and information that White gave during a hearing on June 1.


White was terminated as accusation of domestic violence surfaced[/caption]

Why was Dennis White fired?

White was terminated after his former wife Sybil Mason accused him of domestic violence that happened around 20 years ago, according to his attorney Nick Carter.

He was accused in 1999 of hitting and threatening to shoot Mason. He was also reportedly accused of hitting a 19-year-old woman in a different incident in 1993, according to The Boston Globe.

White’s attorney Nick Carter said that White denied that he abused his wife and those allegations were resolved in court in 1999, CNN affiliate WBZ-TV.

Janey has been trying to remove White from the force for several weeks, according to the Globe, but she has faced pushback and legal challenges that White launched defending himself.

In May, results of an independent investigation were released alleging White’s pattern of domestic violence and a culture of coverup within the Police Department.


The Boston Mayor Kim Janey has been trying to remove White from the force for several weeks[/caption]

“I will not turn a blind eye to domestic violence against Black women, or any woman for that matter, in the Boston Police Department or anywhere else,” she said during a City Hall news conference on Monday.

“Dennis White has repeatedly asserted that the domestic violence allegations against him are false, but he stated in his hearing and during the investigation that he has hit and pushed members of his household,” Janey said. 

“The allegations and evidence of this behavior raised serious questions about his fitness to lead the Boston Police Department. And Dennis White’s actions in recent weeks, have done even more to erode public trust in his judgment and ability to lead,” she added.

Who was the police commissioner Dennis White?

White reportedly served in the force for 32 years and gave up his civil service rank to become the department’s commissioner in February.

But he was reportedly placed on administrative leave two days after being sworn into his new position, according to CNN. 


White was sworn into his new position by former Mayor Marty Walsh in February[/caption]

White was appointed to Commissioner by the former mayor Marty Walsh who now serves as the US Labor Secretary since March.

Walsh placed White on leave two days after appointing him after the accusations of domestic violence surfaced.

White reportedly has two daughters and his former wife Sybil Mason is also a police officer, according to the Globe.

He enlisted one of his daughters along with his former sister-in-law to offer a sworn testimony that would make his former wife appear the aggressor.

His daughter said that her parents had a defective relationship and that her mother was mentally, emotionally, and physically abused, according to the Globe.

How did White and others react to the termination?

Carter, White’s attorney said that the mayor “ got this one wrong” and pledged to continue fighting for White against Janey and the city.


White plans to file civil rights claim against Janey and the city, according to his lawyer[/caption]

According to the Globe, Carter said that White plans to file a civil rights claim “to send a message that this kind of unlawful and harmful treatment must not be allowed to happen again to anyone.”

Walsh denied knowing about any of the claims and allegations when he appointed White. 

But the former Boston Police Commissioner William Gross suggested that Walsh knew because in 2014 the now-labor secretary was reviewing candidates for promotion, a process that requires going through Internal Affairs files.

Who will replace Dennis White? 

The department reportedly has Gregory Long as its interim commissioner who replaced White since February.

Long will continue to serve in this position until a replacement is confirmed.


Boston Mayor Janey didn’t disclose yet who will be White’s replacement[/caption]

 The mayor didn’t immediately name a replacement, but she said that she plans to launch a “national search” for a permanent commissioner who will be named by the end of the year. 

Janey said she will share more details about the replacement in the coming weeks, according to the Globe.

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