Who is Tom Jones on Gogglebox with?

WELSH crooner Tom Jones is often on the small screen – but he shocked fans with an appearance on cult show Googlebox.

Sir Tom was not alone, however, and was joined by a very familiar face…

Sir Tom was joined by Anne-Marie

Who is Tom Jones on Gogglebox with?

The 80-year-old singer appears on the new series of the Channel 4 entertainment show.

But to fans’ delight, he appeared alongside singer Anne-Marie.

The pair are co-stars on talent competition The Voice.

One fan commented: “Tom Jones and Anne Marie are the Gogglebox pairing I didn’t realise I needed until now.”

The pair are co-stars on talent competition The Voice

Another said: “Anne Marie & Tom Jones are the cutest on celeb gogglebox”

One entertained fan wrote: “Wait Anne Marie and Sir Tom Jones?! I did not know this was happening on Gogglebox! What a line up!”

Another viewer joked: “It’s not unusual for #Gogglebox to book good celebs… but SIR TOM JONES?!”

Other stars that appeared in the episode included Lorraine Kelly, Clare Balding, Shaun Ryder, Maureen Lipman and Micah Richards.

What did Tom Jones do on Gogglebox?

Tom Jones discussed a variety of topics with his co-star Anne-Marie, but fans were most shocked by his confession that he still owns a flip phone – but struggles with texting due to his dyslexia.

 Showing his friend the device, he said: “I’ve got a, it’s a flip phone!

“You know, you can do a lot of things, you can text me but I don’t text because I’m dyslexic and I don’t spell well, I read, no problem.”

“But I’m no good at spelling. I’ll have to read it and you write it.”

Tom Jones discussed a variety of topics

The singer also stunned fans with his admission that he has never baked a cake before.

The Welsh star revealed: “I’ve never baked a cake ever,”

“I’ll sing you a song while you’re baking the cake. But that’s about it.”

Fans were also moved when Tom got emotional whilst watching The Supervet.

On the show, Noel Fitzpatrick was caring for a dog that had been run over.

A concerned Tom told Anne-Marie: “Oh, she’s bound to pull through, you can’t have a dog dying on the television”.

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