Why is Trisha Paytas leaving the Frenemies podcast?

TRISHA Paytas is a controversial Youtuber who became an online sensation from her vlog TrishasLife.

The Youtube star – who is engaged to Israeli artist Moses Hacmon – came out as non-binary in April 2021.

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Trisha Paytas is a famous YouTube star[/caption]

Why is Trisha Paytas leaving the Frenemies podcast?

Since 2020, Paytas resurfaced online after they teamed up with Ethan Klein to co-host the Frenemies podcast.

The two address social issues on the show and call out other online creators for problematic behavior.

However, during a June 8 episode of their podcast, Paytas and Klein got in a dispute about the work they put into the podcast.

Paytas alleged that they bring many ideas to the table for podcast episodes and vlogs that don’t make it to air.


Since 2020, Paytas has co-hosted the Frenemies podcast alongside Ethan Klein[/caption]

The 33-year-old also claimed that Klein “recycles” content from his other podcast, The H3 Podcast.

Klein’s production company, h3h3 Productions, produces Frenemies, The H3 Podcast, and H3 After Dark.

Paytas also expressed frustration that they don’t have a say in hiring for the crew.

What did Paytas say in the video she uploaded onto her YouTube channel?

The same day as their heated argument, Paytas uploaded a video on her YouTube channel titled, “Stepping down from frenemies.”

“I had this feeling in my heart that I need to step away from Frenemies and it’s really with a heavy heart that I say that,” Paytas said in the video.

“It’s been my stability, my regular thing once a week that I absolutely look forward to. I really love doing the show.”

Paytas then said they read the comments on the latest Frenemies episode in which viewers were voicing frustration with Paytas.

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In a YouTube video, Paytas announced they’ll be stepping down from Frenemies[/caption]

They also claimed that Klein asserted the crew was upset with Paytas as well and didn’t want to film a pre-planned vlog episode with them.

“The thing that set me off, I was talking about gay rights and hate crimes against gay people and trans people, and I really wanted to talk about it, and he was talking over me,” Paytas said.

During the episode, Klein and Paytas then moved on to a different segment, which the new producer Klein hired allegedly pitched.

“I put out so many ideas for this show,” Paytas said.

“I really do feel like I built this show with them, 50-50.”

Paytas went on to say they hope that Klein continues Frenemies with another co-host, but that it’s not working for them anymore.

Has Ethan Klein chimed in on Paytas’ decision to step down?

Klein has since commented on Paytas’ sudden exit from the podcast, claiming that he had no knowledge they were leaving the show until seeing the video on June 8.

“I am honestly gutted over this whole thing,” Klein wrote on Twitter.

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On his Twitter, Ethan Klein confirmed the Frenemies podcast will come to an end after Paytas’ departure[/caption]

“Trisha’s video this morning was a total surprise to me. I don’t really know what more I can say or do.

“I’m very sorry to all the fans of Frenemies, I know how much it meant to everyone, I did everything I humanly could to save it.”

Klein also confirmed that this would be the “last” Frenemies episode, marking an end to the podcast series.

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