Woman busts husband cheating after spotting his mistress had been staying at their house thanks to a TikTok video

SOCIAL media can be both a blessing and a curse, with one woman revealing how she came across a TikTok video that outed her husband for cheating on her.

The mum revealed that she caught her husband being unfaithful after randomly coming across the TikTok account of his mistress online and realising she was in their family home.


One woman outed her husband for cheating on her after coming across his mistress’ TikTok account[/caption]

TikTok user Anna T shared her story in a series of videos, as she urged other women to always “listen to their gut”.

She explained that she had always had her suspicions about the woman, but her husband would repeatedly shut her down and call her “crazy”.

Alongside a picture of the other woman’s car outside her home, she said: “Ladies, always listen to your damn gut. My now soon-to-be estranged husband and I have had the same fight about the same girl for months, I mean months.

“And every time, it’s always, ‘you’re so crazy, you don’t even know what you’re talking about, she’s not here, what are you talking about?’ That is her car parked in front of my house… tonight.”


Mum Anna revealed she’d always had her suspicions about the woman and she and her husband would fight about her[/caption]


After downloading TikTok, she randomly came across the woman’s page and saw videos of her husband and her together[/caption]

Anna had been out of town at the time she was sent the picture by a friend, who’d she asked to check up on her daughter while she was working away with the military.

She said: “I am currently out of state for work right now, so they thought they were going to get away with it. You’re not crazy. I promise you, you’re not. You know, you will always know.”

In a follow-up video, Anna explained that she had downloaded TikTok on a whim to keep her entertained while she was away from home and the account belonging to her husband’s mistress had randomly popped up on her feed.

Thanks to videos posted by the woman online, Anna could see her husband and his mistress spending time together and revealed they even spent Christmas weekend together.

She outed her husband when a friend then sent her a photo of the woman’s car outside their family home while she was away working

“I’ve had that gut feeling for a few months now, but then it was the day that I got out to Mississippi and I just randomly downloaded TikTok,” she recalled.

“The first thing that popped up, which is funny because I wasn’t even following anybody, was her TikTok and that’s when I realised that they had spent the whole Christmas weekend together.”

Confronting her husband, she called to ask him what was going on and, again, he told her she was “crazy”.

Anna revealed: “So, then I sent screenshots and I was like, ‘Really, you’re going to tell me that she wasn’t there?’ and then I got hung up on.

“I was already out of State, so I had asked somebody to drive by the house, check on my daughter for me and her car was there… again, after he had already said no, he wasn’t seeing her anymore.”

Women watching her videos rallied around to support her, with thousands commenting on her videos.

“Your intuition is always right. Been there done that! So sorry dear,” commented one person.

Another suggested Anna get her own back, as they posted: “Order them 20 pizzas with the words I’m not crazy and I knew it on every single pizza. I’m sorry you had to go through this.”

A third could relate, as they shared: “I was with my ex for 11 yrs, we had the same fight bout the same girl for the entire 11 yrs. Guess who he was engaged to 6 months after I dumped him?”

One more praised Anna for being so calm and collected and added: “The fact that this is happening now!!!! I’m just honoured to be here!!! Look at this grace, class, calmness & gorgeous of a woman! His loss clearly!”

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