Woman gives 1 star review after she wasn’t allowed to use her own TEABAG in a pub & landlord is praised for his response

REVIEWS can make or break a bar’s reputation, but one bar owner’s response to a nasty review was praised by people on Twitter.

Kelvin Collins, who runs Ben Madigan’s Bar Kitchen in North Belfast, opened up about the review on Twitter after being left stunned by one woman’s review.

Twitter/ BenMadigansBar

Kelvin was praised for his gracious response to the review[/caption]

He tweeted: “I really can’t believe this happened today.”

The review, left by a woman who claimed to be a local, claimed she had arrived at the bar and proceeded to order a hot water and sugar – for no cost.

She then went on to make own cup of tea, after she had brought her own teabag to the bar with her.

The customer wrote: “They wouldn’t serve me again as I used my own teabag.

Facebook/ BenMadigansBar

The local wasn’t impressed after she was refused service after her free cup of hot water and sugar[/caption]

“The bar was virtually empty and they weren’t under any pressure… I find it disgraceful that they would begrudge me a 2p teabag.”

But Kelvin had no time for her negative comments.

He responded: “There is a cost to my business for everything you were consuming while at Ben Madigan’s – heating/aircon, lighting, the staff that served you, the electricity to heat the water, the water itself, the dishwasher used to wash the cup and saucer, the sugar, our rent, the cost to clean the building – I could go on and on… but I won’t.”

The bar owner was praised for his calm reply, as he pointed out the challenges that the hospitality industry has faced over the past year.


Kelvin pointed out how bad the challenges were for those in the hospitality industry over the past year[/caption]

Kelvin said: “We have been closed for 13 months out of the past 18 – forgive me if I begrudge you the cost of all of the above, and for you to follow it up with a 1 star review beggars belief.”

After sharing the story, people came to Kelvin’s defence.

One person replied: “I’m sorry this happened; but your response demonstrates restraint and class. For that alone, my family and I will stop by and support your business when we are next in the area.”

A second said: “Total sympathy with you but it’s best to turn a negative situation into a positive. You can create raving fans by going the extra mile. I’m thinking of you here. Word of mouth and lifetime customer value.”

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