Woman nabs bedside tables at a charity shop and is gobsmacked by the note she finds crinkled up inside

A WOMAN bought a set of secondhand bedside tables and was absolutely stunned to find a note inside that was linked to her childhood.

The note, clearly written by a young child, had her home phone number from 15 years ago and her mother’s mobile phone number written on it.

@ValenciaVibing /Tiktok

Valencia was stunned to find the note in the bedside table[/caption]

Tiktok user Valencia shared the clip with her followers, and commenters said it was “wild”.

Valencia explained the amazing coincidence in detail.

She said: “The weirdest thing just happened, and I’m not making this up – I literally don’t care how many people comment and say: ‘Oh my God, this was staged.’ 

“My heart’s like a little trembly. This is really cool. 

@ValenciaVibing /Tiktok

The note contained her mum’s old mobile number[/caption]

“I bought these nightstands at Goodwill today and I go through the drawers and empty stuff out and I find this little crumpled up paper.”

She then described the surprising note.

“It legit says: ‘Carly’s home number and mom’s cellphone number.’ It has my my mom’s cellphone number and our home phone number from, like, 15 years ago.

“My youngest sister’s name is Carly and that’s our home phone number. 

“We have not had a home phone, probably like ten to 15 years. But what are the chances of that?”

@ValenciaVibing /Tiktok

Written by a friend of her little sister, the note also contained her old home phone number[/caption]

Valencia then found the girl who originally wrote the note on Facebook. 

She said she went through all the papers she found in the bedside table, and eventually discovered the owner’s last name on another piece of paper and combined that with the little girl’s first name, which was written elsewhere.

While some commenters said that it’s not that crazy to find something owned by an old friend if you’re second-hand shopping in the area you grew up in, Valencia reminded her viewers that she lives in a city with a population of 3.3 million.

The clip has amassed over 300,000 views, and commenters were amazed by her discovery.

“Perfect example of what’s yours will always come back to you”, wrote one viewer, while another said: “This is wild!!”

A third commenter wrote: “That is so crazy but wonderful!”

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