Woman stunned as neighbour leaves note threatening to report her over ‘awful’ parking… but SHE ‘can’t drive properly’

A WOMAN was left shocked after receiving a rude note from a neighbour threatening to report her to the council over her “awful” parking.

In the angry letter, the neighbour has said she could no longer get off her driveway – leaving the woman to claim that it is actually the note-writer’s fault for not being able to drive properly.


A woman was shocked after receiving a note slamming her parking[/caption]

The note said in full: “Stop parking your f***ing car here!

“I can’t get off my drive. I will report you to the council.”

The shocked note-receiver, who posts on TikTok as @snormo, shared a copy of the note with the video caption: “Karen’s doing what Karen’s do best.”

She hit back, saying: “Report what to the council? That you’re incapable of reversing your car you silly little Karen.”


The woman’s blue car was said to obstruct the driveway of the red car[/caption]

She argued she was not blocking any drives or pathway for prams, and it was simply a parking spot close to her work.

Since uploading her video, it has racked up over a million views.

One viewer wrote: “I don’t see anything wrong here.”

However, many people said she was in the wrong, with many saying: “She is correct, move your car.”

We previously shared a driver’s brutal reply after neighbour leaves angry note on his car to complain about his parking.

And a fuming woman writes angry note to neighbour who she thinks nicked her takeaway – so who do you think is in the right?

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