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Woman walking the coast of Britain had to be rescued just three miles in after being cut off by the sea

A WOMAN walking the coast of Britain was cut off by the sea and had to be rescued after just three miles.

The 28-year-old foolishly headed for a boulder beach under 800ft cliffs when she set out on Tuesday.

A woman had to be rescued three miles into her trek of the British coast
She had diverged from the South West Coast Path route

She got stranded by the tide and called 999.

A volunteer lifeboat raced to the cliffs and crew member Karla Thresher swam ashore to help the woman aboard.

She was shaken but unhurt after the ­dramatic rescue near Minehead, Somerset.

An RNLI spokesman said the woman, from Coventry, had been attempting the South West Coast Path route which runs 630 miles to Poole, Dorset.

He added: “Her planned adventure of walking all the way around the coast of Britain came to an unscheduled halt after three miles.

“Instead of keeping to the official route she attempted the first lap to Porlock along a boulder beach and a mile from Hurlestone Point she found the tide cutting off her advance and retreat.”


The hiker was shaken but unhurt after the ­dramatic rescue (stock photo)[/caption]

Phil Sanderson, who helms the D-class lifeboat, said: “She was carrying an enormous backpack. How she managed to get so far I have no idea.

“That stretch of shore is best avoided unless you know it well.

“The tide comes right up to the cliffs in places and there are only two locations where it is possible to climb up — and then only if you’re pretty fit.”

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