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Woman whose loo was so grim she wouldn’t let anyone else use it swears by £2 buy which busted limescale in just 30 mins

FED UP with stubborn limescale in your loo that doesn’t want to budge?

One cleaning fan may just have the answer you’re looking for after busting the build-up in her grim toilet in just half an hour.

Facebook/Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks

One woman has revealed the miracle budget buy she swears by to tackle limescale in the toilet[/caption]

The woman confessed that she was so “embarrassed” of her dirty loo that she would never let anybody use it when they came to her house.

However, she claims a £2 budget buy has changed her life, after miraculously tacking her limescale-ridden loo when nothing else would.

Posting to Facebook in Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks, the woman shared photos of her toilet pre using limescale busting cleaner Domestos Zero Limescale (£2, Wilko) and the results after just 30 minutes.

She wrote: “Imagine my horror when we brought our first house in May, went to the toilet horrified to find layers of limescale.

Facebook/Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks

Her loo was so grim she was “embarrassed” to let people use it because of the major build up[/caption]

Facebook/Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks

After trying everything, she came across a £2 limescale descaler that finally worked[/caption]

“I have tried all sorts down the loo the last month or so and it hasn’t budged! Then today in Wilko saw the domestos zero limescale on sale for £2. I wish I had found it sooner! That is just 30 minutes in the toilet and hardly any left!”

She added: “I am actually amazed! If anyone is in a hard water area and in a similar position to us, go get the domestos! I am no longer embarrassed to let someone use my toilet!”

After layering up the descaler on the patch of limescale that was left, she revealed that the next morning the build-up was completely gone.

Facebook/Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks

The cleaning fan used Domestos Zero Limescale and has called it a “miracle” product[/caption]

Facebook/Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks

After just 30 minutes almost all of the limescale in her loo had disappeared[/caption]

Hundreds of fellow cleaning fans liked her post, with many commenting and thanking the woman for sharing her budget find.

“Glad you’ve posted this. I’m in a rented property and ours looks worse than your before pictures, I get so embarrassed when someone wants to use our loo. I bleach and scrub it every day but barely makes a difference. So I’m definitely buying this haha xxx,” posted one person.

Another could relate, as they said: “When we moved in ours was worse than yours. It was horrendous. To the point I thought it was going to be a new toilet. Used this and I agree it’s magic in a bottle. Came up like a brand new toilet. Great stuff!”

A third wrote: “I love this stuff!! I live in a hard water area and it saves so much scrubbing!”

One more agreed: “Yes, this is the best one for limescale removal, have used it plenty of times in different houses.”

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