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Yebin Mok injury: What happened to Dancing on Ice star Yebin Mok?

Celebrity skater Bell will now be partnered up with former Team USA figure skater Karina Manta.

The pair will be performing in the second show, swapping places with comedian Rufus Hound and his skating partner Robin Johnstone.

Mok joked she would be watching Bell and Manta from the side of the rink like a “nervous mom” and “multiple devices to vote for them”.

Reflecting on her recovery, she said: “I’ll do my very best to heal and recover as quickly as I can with our physio, Sharon who is the best of the best, and if anyone can get me on the ice, it’s her!

“And I’ll be ready to skate with Graham if the fate allows it, so keep voting for him and here’s to hoping for the best on this unexpected bumpy road [sic].”

Dancing on Ice starts on ITV tonight at 6pm

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