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Yellowstone season 3 theories: Did Beth plant the bomb herself as a setup?

While many fans believe Jamie had some sort of involvement in the attacks, others believe Beth set herself up.

They believe Beth and Angela (Q’orianka Kilcher) planted the bomb so they could frame Roarke (Josh Holloway) and Willa (Karen Pittman) for the attack.

Another fan added: “Considering how crafty Beth is, it’s def possible. I don’t know much about explosives so I’m not sure how they could make sure Beth survives, considering how awfully close she was to it and how big it was.

“I could see Beth willing to risk getting moderately injured for the sake of the ranch but not dying or possibly losing limbs/having 3rd degree burns etc.”

Viewers are torn between whether Jamie really would have the guts to target his own family, whereas Beth would definitely take risks.

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