Yellowstone season 4: The burning questions the show must answer as four lead characters face death

KEVIN Costner drama Yellowstone left season three on a major cliffhanger.

The drama, which is set on multiple ranches in Montana capped off its third season with four of its major characters facing death.

Will Kayce and Monica’ marriage survive in season four of Yellowstone?

Yellowstone tells the story of the conflicts neighbouring cattle ranch owners, an Indian reservation, and land developers.

Costner stars along some Hollywood heavyweights including, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly and Luke Grimes.

At the end of season three John Dutton (Costner), Beth Dutton (Reilly), Kayce Dutton (Grimes), and Jimmy (Jefferson White) lives hung in the balance as they face assassination from an unknown assailant.

Season four is currently in production and here’s what the show must address in the gripping upcoming series.

Series three of Yellowstone ended on a major cliffhanger with four characters facing death

Will the Duttons meet their maker?

It seems silly that a TV show which is gaining popularity would kill off the major characters at the center of the drama.

The show would not make sense without its major leads – especially Costner – and it can be hard to picture a whole new cast being able to step into their shoes.

Four of the major characters – Beth, John, Kayce and Jimmy – are facing assassination attempts

Is Jamie guilty?

Jamie Dutton – an aspiring politician – seems to be the mastermind behind the assassination attempts on his family.

He is often frustrated at the way the family runs its business and has tense relationship with his sister, Beth.

There does not seem to be a motive to kill his brother Kayce, so maybe he is not the killer after all?

We Bentley plays Jamie Dutton on Yellowstone

Will the ranch survive?

The major premise of Yellowstone is the ongoing conflict between the ranch owners, the Indian reservation and land developers.

The show’s namesake ranch is facing closure after it was revealed Josh Holloway’s character, Roarke, wants to develop it into a ski resort.

Fans will need to know if the beloved ranch will survive – even though it’s looking unlikely.

The series about the conflict borders of cattle ranchers in Montana

Learning more about Chief Rainwater

Chief Thomas Rainwater is a fascinating character that viewers don’t know much about.

It would be great to learn more about his adoption, who is his family, what’s he like when he’s not sparring with the Duttons.

Finding out more about Rainwater and his background could add a new layer of richness to the series.

We have to hear more from Chief Thomas Rainwater

Wedding Bells

Beth and Rip’s romance unexpectedly intensified at the end of last year and the couple got engaged.

If Beth survives the assassination attempt, hopefully we will see a grand Montana wedding between the two love birds.

Fingers crossed that Beth and Rip get married in season four

How did Evelyn and John Dutton end up together

Viewers have had a lot of insight into how John runs his ranch and business, but not much is known about background of his relationship with late wife, Evelyn.

Knowing more about their relationship might help viewers to understand John better, but to also learn how the Duttons managed to secure their ranch.

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