Younger final episode ending explained: What happens?

YOUNGER fans are mourning the end of their beloved show.

That’s right Liza, Kelsey and the gang have bid farewell to the fabulous New York based show – but not before an explosive ending.

WARNING: Contains MAJOR spoilers from the last ever episode of Younger


Younger has come to and with an explosive finale for Liza[/caption]

What happened in the final episode of Younger?

The tears are still as fresh as the paper the books at Imperial are printed on – that’s right guys, Younger is over.

But what about the show’s ending?

Although we didn’t get to see fan favorite Diana Trout pop up again, and Josh wasn’t in the show until the final 10 minutes, I think it is fair to say the show ended how we would want it to.

The extended one-hour episode opened with Liza and Charles getting back together.


It looked like Liza and Charles were going to get back together[/caption]

He ditched Quinn, and it looked like the couple were set to sail off into the sunset together.

But after a series of unfortunate “lies” from Liza, (that were done with the best of intentions) they decided to call it quits.

Now, as mentioned, Josh didn’t make an appearance until the final few scenes of the show.

But as the saying goes, producers were “saving the best until last”.


But in the end it was Josh who finally won back Liza’s heart[/caption]

In the very last scene of Younger, Liza was seen in the bar where she met her first New York love, Josh.

He then appeared and basically told her he has “always been there” for her, and “always will be”.

The pair then started a conversation that mimicked their first meeting in the first episode, hinting that they would finally get back together.

Then the credits rolled, and Younger came to an end.

Asked why they decided to end Younger in the way that it started, creator Darren Star told LA Times: “After seven seasons, it’s tough to end a series in an elegant and satisfying way.


In a shock move, Kelsey left Imperial[/caption]

“We all thought it’d be great to have this full-circle moment where we go back to the pilot, if we could find a way to get there.”

Other things that happened on the show included Kelsey leaving Imperial to start up on her own, and Maggie finding true love at last.

Lauren, meanwhile, found out her ex boyfriend was now gay, and in true Lauren-style asked him and his new lover for a threesome – some things never change.

As well as finding her way back to Josh, Liza was also given the job of Editor-In-Chief at Imperial by Charles, after he decided to go off and peruse his career as a writer.


Lauren ended the show simply being Lauren[/caption]

How can I watch Younger?

If you have a subscription to Hulu, you can watch Younger on there.

All seven season are there for you to binge watch all at once.

Season 7 is also available to stream for free on Paramount+.

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